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I wrote a post that was long. And accidentally deleted it. Could accidentally deleting something be considered a Freudian slip if it can work well as a metaphor in some twisted manner?

Essentially I am uncomfortable going to shows my work is being displayed in. Pussy Grabs Back was/is no different. Most of my friends were busy and unable to make it and so I was flying solo. I turned myself into a science experiment: you must introduce yourself to three people you have not met before you can leave. If this pussy decides her name is Linus she has her handy sketchbook with pens and pencils and will draw. A friend did come and she watched stage one of the experiment unfold:

Specimen 1: I saw someone who looked like they had the same plan I did. Sitting on a couch, sketchbook open, and pencil/pen holder. Bullseye. A seat next to him cleared and I sat down and introduced myself. Perhaps I blushed, perhaps I stuttered, perhaps I peed my pants a little. But I did it. It was a good instinct as he turns out to be really cool and had some awesome drawings. He was at an open figure drawing session at the McGuffy I had meant to attend. Score, I am always happy when I meet new and interesting artists I hope to become friends with.

Specimen 2: I just saw someone looking alone. Alone as in not part of a group. So I said hi and that he was person 2 of 3 I needed to meet that night. I think he thought that it was a line and I was trying to pick him up. He kept offering to get me beer. I didn't want any so he got me tap water instead, during which time I ran into a friend and tried, very ineffectively to explain the mission.  Weird. I actually had some fun hanging out with him.

Specimen 3: It was getting later and I was ready to go. I had seen specimen 1 leave with his wife, specimen 2 had a friend walk in and went off to get more beer, and so I wandered off. A guy came in shortly after looking lost. I introduced myself. I saved the worst for last. I will write a haiku to describe him:

Stoner. Stone. er/ed?

Friends gone. Likes foreign cultures.

Must go get wasted. 

Mission accomplished. Results: 1 new friend, 1 random acquaintance I would say hi to if I ran into again and 1 eh.

The event as a whole was great. I think cville just needed an excuse to have like minded people gather, listen to music, dance, get shit faced, and take a well deserved break. The art was secondary in way, but how awesome to have cville's version of Judy Chicago.

In other news:

Weather: Flash downpour and hailstorm early afternoon. Could not see 10 feet in front of my car with wipers on high. Good news, I closed the sunroof before the deluge. 

Singing in the rain...

Singing in the rain...

Education: Taught today. My student is kicking ceramic butt. He and swirl girl are becoming bff's for life. 

Aetelier Absurditet

Aetelier Absurditet

Business: Photographed some of my work in a very classy and professional manner. Also had more fun than can be expressed combining and stacking things. Soon photos will be online and selling tumblers faster than I can throw. 

World: Tomorrow I head to DC to visit a good friend and go to a craft fair in Baltimore. FUN!!! She has a new house and a foster pup, neither of which I have seen/met and has Monday off. Score! 

Arts/Entertainment: I almost finished the NYT crossword and would have finished the Post's had I not stopped working on it. 

Weird News: Evian spelled backwards is naive. And I have a neon orange sports bra with a migrating pad. Often I am left with a uni-boob. Like now. 



Christina Osheim