Alarm Clock

I am a morning person. It runs in my family. As a young girl we lived in England for a year. Cambridge to be exact. My dad would wake up early make coffee and start reading - he's a historian and would be translating italian, latin, german, french etc. I would pad downstairs and demand to be read to.  I would hear whatever version of "Gallia est omnis divisa" in whatever language du jour. I'd pout and say "one of my books." And then would enter into the hundred acre woods.

It has gotten both better and worse as I've aged. Much of my MFA work was done between 3 or 5am and 10am. As things are getting busier and busier with Möbius Keramikk I am trying to reactivate my morning nature and hit up the 6am jazzercise classes. I am trying to pavlov myself into not thinking of this as a round of self flagellation or sadomasochism -  An argument could easily be made for that 5:30am is torture time. 

The end all is that I am tired. It's a little after 10pm and I'm i my PJ's and about to fall asleep. A lot of good things happened. Good and challenging thoughts had, Good, no great, opportunities arising. I am saving those for future posts. I'ts been fun. Clay has been throw, 3D objects printed up, a soup made, and learned 2 new games at game night. Alarm set for 5:35.  Ha det bra!



Christina Osheim