Unexpected Pleasures

I made a new friend today, a young boy I was babysitting for a friendly acquaintance. I forgot how fun it is to go explore the world with a young person. They give you their joie de vivre for a time and I reveled in it! I was reminded of time at Olaf when Patrick Dougherty was a resident artist at Carleton College (the other college in small Northfield MN) and did a tree sculpture installation. My young friend and I became collaborators in a similar effort here in Charlottesville! 

Cooking is something I love. I have started to not use recipes. And if I do use one it is often solely as a reference for spice combos and ratios. Unless it is baking. And then I do follow the recipe fairly close as it gets into chemistry.

It's a choose your own adventure - what do I feel like, what's in the fridge, how can cooked brussel sprouts be re-cooked so they're not small slimy cold cabbages, or what is today's (or week's) soup du jour? 

Today was finishing up empanadas! The filling is delicious and chock full of vegetables and they become fantastic frozen meals. Usually I make empanada dough, but I was feeling lazy and last week found Goya frozen empanada dough discs. SCORE! And they're not that bad. Homemade dough is better and I love my recipe, but $2 for 10 wrappers is not a bad deal. I used 20 wrappers and thought "man this is easy, I'm going to pick up some more and finish this off." Frozen meals for a while, check!

Alas, this was not to be. Instead of Where's Waldo? rush hour turned into Where's Wrapper?. 4 grocery stores later, speaking with a few store representatives, calling whole paycheck (they had them but for a mere $5 per package...) and trader joe's (what's an empanada?) the wrappers eluded me and I settled for fresh egg roll wrappers. I did not think baked egg roll dough would be greasy, but have 7 oily beauties? showing me differently.

The ones in the proper wrappers look and taste wonderful and of course must be arranged in a circular pattern for the freezer. And yes, sadly that is a broken small gulp from Möbius Keramikk's line. :( Artists do break their work, but at least the walls are thin and even!