Mind over matter

This is going to be a really good show. I may not earn much money, but I may 🤷‍♀️But that is not why it’s going to be such a good show. High sales would be icing on the cake! 

To me this show is what all of the “big” shows I have done should be. It is produced really well. It is about the JOY of making and hand made. The wonder and insanity of art comes through in that there is always a mystery of how this is done.  

I also feel like I am coming full circle. It is no wonder that circles are my favorite. As a sober lady I have felt that I am recircleing and picking up old experiences in a new positive fresh sober way. If I think too hard I can say it is a result of my actively working to live amends. And that could be it. I just know that today I feel joy. 

I don’t know what will come but at it’s worst it won’t be bad. Better in fact than a week ago, a month ago, a year ago and THANK THE GOOD LORD two years ago.  

Soooo, it’s 8:48 and this lady had the foresight to double fist venti americanos at around 6:30 last night and had one left over; so have been working on my jewelry, drinking coffee, watching the vicar of dibley, and need to shower and hit the road. 


Wish me luck!


Christina Osheim