Can I laugh trip and fart as a blog title?

Cometh the day cometh the hour. I don’t remember exactly what or where that quote comes from, but I am willing to bet BBC tv quoting something quoatable I.e. Shakespeare or Keats. Whooooooo knows. 

It really is strange. Life, I like to think of life as a mischievous goddess in the style of Loki who balances in her beautiful one footed yoga pose and plays with us. I can imagine life saying “what would happen is x is placed across y? Do they tango? Dothey elide? Do they get confused by the parenthesis??? (Do they shoot the nimwit typing a blog on her smartphone ——>me<——?)

tomorrow I drive to Providence. I’m pretty packed but not totally there. I am going to just take 95 straight up. And I am really excited and afraid of being so excited. That I will be disappointed in the show if it’s a dud. And if it’s a dud if I will lose all confidence about pushing forward with NY NOW. Duck Man. I think that show is what I need to do. But it is so shitty having your parents question it all. “I’m not sure you’re ready” is a horrific thing to hear. I feel I am ready. And some of that readiness being aware that there is a big element of holy ducking shit! But it’s 4k. And I made 30 at the last farmers market... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

It’s strange. This little body is floating- like imagine a solution so full of sodium that you cannot sink (aka saline). But you’re  just in this weird kind of spicy (too much salt becomes spicy for me) kind of turning into a pickle and kind of wondering what is next. 

i also have to say I love popping zits. Of late I have had so much fun finding blackheads on my chin and squeezing them out. There is something incredibly satisfying in that.

anyway. Right there I just took my blog to a weird personal space I have never gone before. Next up, in grown toenail. It’s 9:20 and tomorrow I have a long day. I will get there and be happy when I do. But. But. Life, seems to be having fun with me dangling carrots in front of my nose seeing which one I bite or what hole I’ll fall down.

in about 15 minutes I plan for that hole to be the dreamscape my other favorite god Somnos takes control of the reigns for. Sleep well. Rhode Island tomorrow! 



Christina Osheim