8pm baby!

we get to decide how to react! Hahahaha. And I say I am anti predestination. (I am, but I love the absurdities and parallels, synchronicities, Freudian slips and whoda thunk its of life)

at the Brooklyn show (dud royale) I was asked to do/apply for NY NOW am international wholesale show. It is quite expensive ~5k but it is big league. So. I applied last minute. And got accepted.  

I don’t know if I will be able to go as it is expensive, but now get to react and decide how to. And when I filter through the immediate emotional responses the truth comes down to it is a show that has the possibility to be really great. Career defining. And it has the possibility of being a very expensive lesson. Also career defining. It isn’t the golden ticket, but it is a candy bar that may contain one. Oh roald Dahl, I do love you.

how the hell will I pay for it!!!??? I have some ideas involving a go fund me with T-shirt’s and ceramic objects as thanks for amounts given. But wow!  

On a different note, driving to the studio today I went past the Santa Baby house in daylight. All of the inflatable holiday decorations are deflated, lying flaccid on the grass. It is like the grinch snuck through at dawn with a needle and pricked his way to holiday ruin and destruction. It was the saddest and most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t stop and take a picture, which I kind of regret but not really. I like the visual of the flashing lights going dark and a pfffffffft as santa and his compatriots pull a wicked witch of the west and melt leaving only their nylon vestments and bondage gear behind.   

im trying to decide right now between going to a meeting and going back to the mud studery to glaze. I think the mud studery will win as I am not going to drink today and want to get the kiln loaded before exhaustion gets the better of me. Plus I am excited! I may have crossed another glaZe rubicon. Soooooooo: 

high fives to all!  



Christina Osheim