who says if I got what I want I’d be happy? No one. Some of my favorite loves (clay) have come from horrific events. An event I have accepted as something I will never get over. You could also argue that the very situation I am in and the challenges that face me are a result of alcoholism. A disease I will never recover from. But hitting rock bottom and starting to build from ground zero gave me the fearlessness to see what happens.

That is the joy! I am seeing what happens. And finding how I fit. How I want to fit. If it is even worth fitting? 

I get very wary of predestination. I don’t believe in it. I think far too often it is used for an excuse for laziness. I think stuff happens and we get to decide how we react. Then other stuff happens and we get to decide how to react. Cause and effect. BOOM!  

I have the most amazing student. I am so impress with what she is doing! #lovemylife #clay4life


Christina Osheim