I did it! I got my 150 class shirt. May have been the last one. And I might be stronger for it but I’m not small enough for ifor! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

life, you minx of irony! Or double entendre? Stronger as in mentally fit to not be upset I’m too big... hahahahaha. 

The word irony always makes me think of reality bytes. (And wonder if I am using it appropriately... think I am —intended meaning instead of actual...but...?!???) I loved that movie. Heck, I still love that movie. I wanted to be Winona Ryder so badly and man Ethan Hawk was hawt with his flannel shirts and greasy hair.  

A good friend and I watched that many times in high school. It was that and the long kiss goodnight. Clearly we had excellent taste. I actually turned down a chance to go and stay with her and her husband in DC. I’m taking care of a friends cats and am also just tired. Meaning today I have been so low key and lazy. I have one big push that needs to happen. And can do it.  Holy fuck I can do it. 2 more people have signed up for class- I have 3 new students and my returning one. Nynow is happening. I’m working every week at my church. Ran into an old friend from HS at the post office which was great! 

The shit that’s hard is ok. Time and patience will work it out. I am recognizing patterns. In myself and in others. Hell, I’m making patterns as soon decals will happen. 


i also paid my remaining balance to NY NOW. So it really, really is happening. I was thinking about it. My work is what matters. I don’t have to obsess about all the folderol. There will be places that are showing whose displays are clean and tight and almost worth selling themselves. But my work is what matters. And if it is high quality it will get noticed. https://goo.gl/gdDv55

Christina Osheim