Antepenultimate (🙌 Latin nerds!) oh man- an honor to get asked to interview, but man I sound so nervous and ditzy and ... gotta breathe and relax and talk slowly. Hahaha, it is naively awkward. Like... ME!!!

I habe chipmunk jowels. I cannot deny it and must accept it. 😱 

it’s such a silly thing to get irritated by but i do! in my head I am Audrey Hepburn with a beautiful crisp jawline. Or Ingrid Bergman who has those beautiful shoulders. And I am neither, just me with zoobilee zoo leg warmers, chipmunk jowels, and a skunk-esque streak in my hair in this picture. David the Gnome is indeed my true avatar! 

Im in the middle of getting a Indie Go Go campaign to meet its goal. I am over half way there and it is quite possible, even probable.

so I am sending out a bunch of postcards with my designs to folk near and far. It is so funny as I feel I am writing wedding invitations. Who wants to come and see the joyful union of my art and me??? Be a part of it??? Place bets on weather we will stay true or end up separated or divorced???  

In a way it kind of is. I like the idea of getting married if it works out, but marriage for marriage sake isn’t my end goal. And I would not want hundreds of witnesses for that special day. My bro and sis in law and that’s about it. But this... my art... this I want hundreds and thousands to throw up their arms and shout with glee and disbelief that I!!! Little chipmunk jawed I can produce work like this out of a funny old warehouse!!! Let the trumpets blow and wheels spin in celebration!!! which is why I make broad over the top statements that point out just how ridiculous this all is. That I recognize the lunacy in it. But I love it even if it’s just my mind building castles. I like building castles. Or really anything.

i was talking with my pastor earlier today about our perception of reality impacting it— basically all the shit I’ve been spewing about for a while now. And she was telling me that we are supposed to love for 20 minutes a day.  

I really like that idea. Love consciously for 20 minutes every day. That is something I will aim to do. I think I would like to listen to Twelve steps to a compassionate life again. That was such a good book and I believe I need to hear it again.  

Off to bed now! The plan is to be at 6am jazzercize for my 150th class this year with my favorite instructor. I will then get to join the fit club and get the coveted “stronger for it” T-shirt! Stronger for it with 2 days to spare!  

so sleep tight alle sammen, this

chipmunk cheeked lady’s off to bed!  

Christina Osheim