May I have another 5 hours please?

Good and strange. Strange and good. Really all is ok. Better than ok. Pretty freaking awesome! But strange. And good. 

I do know what I'm doing but I don't know what the results will be. And I cannot know until I know. 

Damn. That is it exactly. it feels wrong to say "i don't know what i'm doing." but i do have no idea what the results will be. This is a blind experiment in so many ways. 

So I am just going forward with whatever I am asked to do and make kindness and honestly my mission. I may be wrong, but I am trying to be honest. to be authentic. which leads me to my next thing. I'm doing thie #AMAfeed thing. And have been asked to do a podcast!

All of this happening is awesome and ridiculous and strange. So strange. I just have to remind myself that these are just stories and experiences I will have. nothing will necessarily come from any of it except that my CV gets a little bigger. And maybe, maybe if I am really really uber super lucky I can trip and fart and sneeze simultaneously  during the whole process. 

More likely wake up in 6.5 hours and go stand in the rain for 5 hours selling clay. 

Christina Osheim