I am glad I started this daily blog. I think it has been good for me in many ways. Probably one of the biggest is when I start to repeat myself. Then it’s a sign of something bigger that I need to deal with- a version of shit or get off the pot.

it is such a game. And I like games. Until I am losing and then I get really awful. I am a horrible winner and loser. It is actually surprising I am still here as when I was five I was losing a game of Chinese checkers. So I just planted myself in a spot that prevented anyone from winning. The cartoon image of smoke pouring from Yosemite sams Ears would have been my mom.

i think acceptance is something that you always have to fight a bit to accept. Meaning, it’s easy to want to forget the not fun part of the sine graph called life. Self pity sets in and instead of looking at the positive you are ready to imitate cheetoh in chief and go for mass destruction. 

I like to say I am getting better at it, but who knows if I am. Maybe I’m getting better at recognizing that I can’t waffle in the middle and meet take a shit, or leave the wc. Oh my poor mom. This xmas I’ll open up a gift from her and it’ll be a pack of depends! 😜

speaking of mothers, the man next to me at the market does some really sweet leather. We were talking about sales and markets and somehow it came up that his mom was telling him to make bondage gear. Ha! 🙌 to her.  

Anyway, this market is going to be wrapping up soon and I will haul my fanny back to my studio for the PARTAY!  


Roughly 7 hours later- 

i am lying in bed under a duvet with a book. It was a success and I am whipped. I believe people had fun. I did. And now, blog buddies, time to retire!  

Adios til tomorrow. 

Christina Osheim