And the c’s back in cville

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. But mostly it was the best. The ways that the show was not good were not unexpected. And the ways it was good were unexpected in an awesome way. I won’t go back, but am glad this was the last, or last for a while. Ie glad I went. And so so so glad to have spent time with my family. 

There is such a joy of seeing how your family matures like everything else. Speaking only for myself I know that I am no longer fighting kicking and screaming to shout this is my identity! I have more of an acceptance, resigned at times, that this is how I was made. 

And so it was lovely. I suspect we were all tired as we were all meeting after 3 different journeys. (my bro and sis in law had been traveling and arrived back after I’d already happily settled into their warm apartment)  and staying in and eating take out/delivery and playing with hobbit and games and just being was perfect  for all parties. 

I am currently sitting in a Starbucks having a quick break before taking care of a friends two kids. They are such fun to hang out with! I wonder what adventures we will get up to. Build a fort? Make a spinny air toy? Be talked into giving them candy? Whooooo knows?!? But it will be fun. And then fun to be back home and getting started on Möbius K’s next mission: learning how to weave on the loom of the retail inter web and how to get stores to want to do it for me! 

Stage One retail adventure: large retail shows ✅  

Stage Two: The two Ws— web & wholesale




Christina Osheim