My dad dropped by my studio to pick up a table with his truck. I just watched him drive around the corner of the warehouse and my heart just overflowed with love and gratitude as I saw those headlights turn the corner.  

Man. Moments like that are few and far between and I am just revelling in it! You may not be able to teach a pig to whistle, but you can teach it to writhe in the dirt with inexplicable joy! “Oink!” I am that pig.  

Right now I have plenty to worry about, fears, hopes, wishes, et al. BUT!!!! And this is a serious but. I am doing this how it needs to be done and to the best of my ability. And I am overjoyed.

Gosh. I am loving my life! And must get back to work as I just got a text from Mary Poppins, apparently some British kids have a messier room than I! 😜 

Christina Osheim