Stuffs (went to a weird movie haven’t reread this to make sure It’s not🤷‍♀️😱 but am tired and am going to assume/hope it’s fine...)


I have started this blog post about 5 times. I am annoying myself just that much! It will take me a while to learn that my reflex is always to push myself to hard. And to tire. And then become an angry, sensitive, pissy lady who spews vitriol and Ceramics across the universe. 

I went to a meeting at my hg which is always good and brought up the overwhelm albatross as a topic. It helped a lot. The opposite of self pity is self confidence. Running myself ragged is a way to take umbrage in a fucked up way (I have gone to The Moon and back 5 times in the time for 2 trips, hopping on one foot, patting my head, rubbing my tummy, cross eyed, reciting the alphabet backward.) 

So, I really am an infant- either tired, hungry or have to use the toilet. I am an extremely talented and intelligent lady and need to trust god to put me where I need to be. So tomorrow I am taking the day off. I am so tired that I am not happy joyous and free. A day of sleep and self care is necessary to center this potter. 


Night all! Sweet dreams!

Christina Osheim