Det var godt.


at last, we have been reunited! I was worried for s while that a crap tasted overly sentimental movie like “finding dory” would be made about it. (I took care of a friends kiddos and was exhausted and wiped out so we watched FD)

anyway, I was reunited with my sense of humor and love of the absurd! 😱Last weekend and week was rough on me. But faith in the steps and the systems I have set in place to keep me centered will work. Yup! They do.  

I feel like me again. I hated not feeling like me.  

So, instead of trying to write some profound bs I will share that I am lying on my couch eating cheddar bunnies as yes, I do have the tastes of a 5 year old, watching ultraviolet (never seen but the fifth element is a favorite!) and loving that I don’t have to be waking up in a few hours to farmers market it. Hopefully a friend will come with me to pick up clay and we can hit up the vmfa. (I just ditched the UV and bought the fifth element as that is a classic. If the Alamo did an art screening of it I’d be there.)

so Gnite blog buddies! I’m glad to be back. And check out the moon tonight! Super rad! Unless you’re a werewolf. The. It’s 🤷‍♀️?!? 

Christina Osheim