Another day another dollar

Another good day!!! I have somehow bruised my thumb and have a small prick on the middle finger pad of my left hand. And have a double scrape on my chest in between my boobs, but above where a bra would touch. It looks kind of like a seatbelt? I know how none of these occurred. I wonder if I had some strange dream/sleep in which the undead came and took me on an adventure which I do not remember. Somnos, you treacherous trickster if REMs!!! You are at it again! The funny thing is that the chest scratches. I don’t think I could have done it to myself because I really don’t have nails (never broke the nail biting habit and work with clay...)

Somnos, is I hop 6 Times on my left foot and song do a deer in my best Julie Andrews voice inside a circle of salt will the adventures you lead me on tonight not leave me with unexplained marks upon my body? My soul and psyche, all yours. Mark away Loki-esque god, because it really is my physical form that is most important. 😜 

I’m just being silly. Sleepy silly hopefully non somnambulist. Aka. Adios! Sweet dreams to you all! 

Christina Osheim