Oh boy! Thanksgiving. This has been the best thanksgiving I can recall. Cause guess what?!?!??! I didnt celebrate in the typical belt loosening manner (although that will happen tomorrow. I ❤️ leggings) I made time to spend with my parents. To spend time and feeling so thankful with what I have that I am here as I am.

Last year we were in Providence visiting my bro & sis in law. It was really good to see them, but I was still in such a fog. It feels like it was longer than a year ago and is something that I remember almost as a 3rd party onlooker. In other words sober me now hovering over that experience and having a David Attenborough worthy commentary: subject looks a bit confused. Does not want to make eye contact)

this year it’s funny as I have a feeling this year will still feel like a blur, but be when the merry go round is beginning to slow down a bit. I’m no longer holding on for dear life.

so anyway, turkey day. I ate no turkey. But I jazzercized with a large group of ladies led by my favorite instructor and a cameo of another favorite who resigned from the teaching part and is now just an attendee. It was SO GOOD!!! I shook my little fanny and laughed and loved that this is the life I get to lead.

ok, it’s 9 pm now and I had stories I was planning on weaving- I took photos of the abandoned dumpster. But I want to read and so this hippie, hobo, Norwegian, lumberjack/potter will leave you with highlights of the day/the dumpster to make up your own story.


Christina Osheim