Verbal diarrhea- possibly some wheat in the chaff? And it was a mouse... 😱

It’s been a funny, good day. Or a good, funny day. I have stuff I want to say. But I want to keep some of it private. 

Soooooooooooo. This is one content little paradox loving life. I’m trying to take it easy some. Easier. Not work ALL THE TIME!!!! So currently I’m lying on my studio mates couch watching poirot waiting for my kiln to preheat so I can get this commission bisqued today and glazed tomorrow and ready for post tday holiday sales.

Todag I broke in my new clay compute. I am embracing my farm roots and looking like a lumberjack, mason, blacksmith, ranger, hobo, or *GASP* potter.

how funny that my favorite place is my spot in a warehouse wearing men’s clothes covered with mud working with my hands and drinking lots of coffee.


(this post is also a bit of a tired free assosciation, run on sentence, grammar deficit faulkneresque bit of prose to keep me from watching my pot boil or work dehydrate)

I am working to try and take better care of myself. Like not skipping meals. Half a Caesar salad from vodka later I feel like I don’t have to worry about being alone in a warehouse in the country by the train tracks as the garlic I am exuding will cause many or any to faint.

driving too and from the mud studery today I was noticing an extra large or super sized dumpster by the train track bridge. It’s a bizarre area to begin with, but with how the dumpster is positioned it looks like the grinch’s dog ran out of steam halfway up a hill and gave up or that the polar exprsss decided to flip this dumpster off the car as it was full of coal. It is just visually so freaking strange. There is a story behind it, but I don’t know what it is.  But perhaps that is one of the reasons I really love where I am right now. There is so much to explore in life! I see all of these things and my head is clear and I just have countless funny adventures every single day. Silly, stupid, delightful, funny things! And now it’s going to sound like some horrific dating profile. I just tried to write a pseudo profile and make fun of it somehow. I read what I wrote and was just blank. I had no response. VANILLA! That is it. Vanilla. Saying I’m funny or have a good sense of humor seems so vanilla. Like Olivia in fringe. It’s like if you have to state it it isn’t true. “But really, I am funny” is kinda like “but really, I’m not sexist.” “Or racist” it is someone doth protest to much. and what do I say often “but really, I am naturally a blonde” hahahahaha, oh man. The gods of lunacy have just thrown that banana peel down in front of me. I raised them two left boots from the show in Brooklyn last weekend (I really did bring 2 left boots accidentally. Whooooos) and they callled with a mug full of coffee that had curdled from last week. UNCLE!!!


This has actually been really fun. A free form/association writing exercise. It has been a good day. I am happy to be back and excited about what is coming. I started the NY NOW app and almost had it finished when crashed. It’s funny to be finishing up a commission and finishing up an app at the same time. What I am realizing is my baby (business) is beginning to crawl. I need to start looking for where and how I can find and pay for assistance when I need it.

I do go in many “flights of fancy” to quote Anne of Green Gables. And I need to do that. Partially it’s my personality and partially to keep me from taking myself too seriously. A way to try and keep myself a bit grounded or even more ideally not so self centered/narcissistic. That will be an ongoing battle for the rest of my life I believe. But knowing is half the battle.


ok, folks. It is 9:57 and if these puppies aren’t dry I’ll find out tomorrow because Jackie O is ready to get hot and bothered! (Time to start my kiln. I’m also beginning to wonder if I am hearing a mouse of some other critter in my studio or the walls of it- entirely possible- and think it’s time to hit the road.)



Christina Osheim