Sleeepy nites.


Do you ever feel out of body? Like you are seeing different versions of yourself- or different realities you’ve lived in all merge together and leave you a confused but surprisingly satisfied member of a “vu” ménage a trois?  (presque, jamais & deja)

that is me today. Driving home there was a semi caravan lit up like the circus with ?!?!? In tow. 10 truckloads of wardrobes? Walt Disney’s cryo tube? Salvador Dali’s mustache that decided to leave the corpse and go dancing around town? 

today I am moving in slow mo. Or I have moved as I’m ready for bed. I’m working sooo hard to not panic. My mantra instead of love and kindness has been “do not panic. Keep it Simple stupid.” 

It is soooooooo hard. My body and brain are telling me, demanding me to turn into a Tasmanian devil and accomplish it all, while blindfolded and standing on one foot.   

But im not doing that. 

and so end up feeling disembodied. Watching this form go through life at a different pace. I wonder what I would think about me if I met me? 

So I will leave you with my version of “if a tree falls in a forest...”  

art/life? whose the imitator?


Christina Osheim