Rrrrrromance! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗😍☺️🙌

I am outing myself. A secret-ish sort of guilty pleasure. I adore romance novels. Total guilty pleasure. Especially when there is a bit of magic/fantasy/sci-if/thriller quality. The sex scenes. Meh, but the suspense and romance has me sold. Unless the plot is weak, the writing atrocious or it seems too serialized. Mad lib romance! Although that could be kind of hilarious. And I also realize that me citing atrocious writing as a negative is a bit hypocritical as I write this on my phone and have acknowledged many a time I have atrocious grammar and a penchant for run on sentences (this sentence is point and case.)


but anyway, I like romances. When I got sober I had no friends in town. Or rather the two I know who are here had dropped me and as yet have not wanted to pick me back up or poke me with a broom handle a la Balthazar in Vicious. Oh wells *sigh*

So sober, no friends, no clue what to do as my full time job of whiskey tasting was a thing of the past. MEETUP TO THE RESCUE! Seriously, I joined meet up and looked at all of the groups that involved things I was interested and joined them. One of them was the romance lovers book club! It is great! The silly ridiculous sad, yet hilarious thing is I don’t have much time to read. At the beginning I. Didn’t have the attention span or ability to focus, but now I am just busy enough so time to read usually involves me falling asleep.

So.... I had joined audible monthly book club and end up listening to them. I didn’t and would have read ~45 pages and felt like a bad book club member. So now I listen. And critique of the dictation is now something I can bring to the group. It’s great though! Especially as I have loved listening to books for a long time.

I was also told by a book club member that there is a romance audible book membership. Kind of like prime videos on amazon - free selected romance on audible. I signed up and now have been listening to various bodice toppers and am loving it.

perbaps the extra funny thing- or showing how paradoxical we all are is that I also have my struggle by Karl ove knausgaard. Which I have heard is incredible. 

So anyhoo... romance bot’s. I have been listening to one and there was a bit about art. 😍😍😍😍

To paraphrase - some artists have a vision and an ability to love and thrive in chaos. And then there are those lucky few who can channel their vision and combine it with technical prowess and bring a unique light to the world. Oh man! Nora Roberts! That is so right on!!! (Because of course that is me! 😜)

It made me feel so happy. And think that is a wish of mine. That I can bring a joy and light and unique vision to the world. Not can, but am. Present tense, possibly imperative!

I still am thinking of Karen about every day. (My art teacher who died in 2004 from a brain tumor) she did what so aim to and am working to do. I wonder if she faced many of the same struggles and doubts I do. I just remember she drew people to her like honey and made you feel special. In a good way. 

So I will head to bed and get up tomorrow and continue to ride the world of hearts and intrigue!

Christina Osheim