goodnight sunday

Last night I was asleep by 9:15. Today, it is looking like it may be the same. Which is good! I have stretched myself too thin. *womp womp*


So, homework assignment is take care of myself! Not work all the time *gasp!* Sleep. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 relax— how???? And... wait for it... wait for it... get my head out of my ass, not take myself too seriously and have fun!


the silly ridiculous hilarious bit is it’ll be a bit hard for me to do. I was over at a friends hanging out and had brought work to do. And I didn’t do it. Instead i bs’d around and sketched out art ideas that are not Möbius work, but getting back into grad school ideas!!!!! Lightning bolt, thunderclap, an Edison bulb flashing!!!


I will be happy to find part time work to support my rent and not have so much pressure on sales. This whole thing is a continual learning process and I do worst when I am always way too concerned about $$$. As do most people. Tying my true love (art making) to my financial life/needs to the degree I have isn’t healthy.

So I have a few weeks left to get through 2017 and I will be able to make December rent. So I just do these shows. Relax. Have some fun. Have julfest and be ME! bring my joie de vivre to the works! (I am sure I spelled that wrong. Oh well) 


im trying out a new plan for it- just get excited and pull all the people I know who are cool to come and bring their joie de vivre and we can end up having this glorious art orgy of fun and ridiculousness honoring the fact that this love and obsession is how we can interpret and add to this strange glorious place.

Christina Osheim