Market day!

“It’s sunny and I’m bundled up like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Today especially I feel my booth and cold couture illustrate the humor and joy I find in life and clay. Come share the fun Charlottesville City Market!“


A quote from my social media outlet called Facebook. But it’s true, I’m sitting bundled up under a tent at the city market grinning and just happy. Ive sold more at past markets, but today I feel like “ok, this is my future.” And feel ok with it. I dunno, it’s strange. 


 (ok, another odd thing- I can’t tell if my toes/feet are actually cold or if it’s my pseudo synesthesia playing illusions) 

It is weird to think that this is my life. I am reminded a bit of working at the clay studio with the tour buses driving by, peering into the large window, seeing what the art lunatics were doing next to elfreths alley. The duck boat was the worst! I wonder if subconsciously that is why my txt alert is a duck quack. Freud laughing at me posthumously! I had thought duck hunt a la my recent Mario re-obsession. But...🤷‍♀️

Life as an artist/artisan- It is both exhilarating and humbling.

I heard at a meeting once that when you start talking to yourself , it is time to go do something. A version of you are your own worst enemy. This is so true for me. And the flip side of saying I am loving this and ok is I then do what my therapist has nicknamed grinching myself- (me clipping along at a happy joyous pace, thinks too muchand.... stop. FULL STOP! deer in headlights gaze, eyes flicking, panic shooting through, and the inability to move unless it is slowly two steps backward. The good old *sarcasm* regress.) 

So I am learning to catch myself before I get into full panic and laugh and remind myself that patience is a virtue and to enjoy all of the ridiculous, awkward, and hilarious bumps along the way.

(aka I pulled myself out from the grinch precipice and wondering how on earth the lady wearing bootie shorts and thigh high boots is able to be outside!)

Christina Osheim