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I'm happy. Today I am really happy! I have worked my fanny off, gotten my ass kicked just a little bit by a mold. And not just a mold but the mummified mouse mold! Hahahahaha  

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And it was brilliant! In the way of not as intended or hoped for, but it worked and I cleaned it up and didn't freak out, cry, get angry, panic, I don't even think I cursed. Of if I did it was a nice resigned "well, fuck. Ha!"  



Currently I am sitting outside awaiting my student- teaching is the best!- and enjoying Lady Gaga and tonic water and coffee!  



But I am enjoying my life. Working my tail off and loving it. I am not grinching myself! 

And I get it- the letting myself feel the joy! It doesn't mean I am manic and living in The extremes, but that I am enjoying the ENTIRE process!  Ok student is here.


Christina Osheim