this is today's published in the appropriate today period. Cool. D.C. was good. The funny thing is this was my last MarketSW and it was a dickens market- the best of times and the worst.  

I Feel I am getting signage and customer engagement more with signage and set up - sweet! A lot of people were interested. But my touchscreen on my phone died so I was unable to process credit card sales on the spot. I sold stuff with the I will email you an invoice with a link to pay online and am trusting. And you know, I think I would do this again - sell on credit via online bill pay honor. (Within reason) some may think naive, but I think worst case my work finds a new home and I don't get the financial thanks for my part in it. 

So new same model phone. Nap. Work. Meeting. A good day. And I saw my good friend and her husband and kids. Man, I fall for interesting kiddos like a ton of bricks, giving my heart out left and right. It is so much fun to see how they engage the world and me. It was brilliant!  

So at the end of it I am oddly content and oddly odd. (Can't think of the correct words)-- 

bemusedly ok? Hilariously resigned? Surreally serene? I dunno. Paradoxically stuck in some axis?  

Goal for tomorrow: stop being awkwardly stupidly shy and talk to the guy I have a crush on if given a chance. Oh sober 30 something middle school called life, you are one funny elevator to ride on! (Just stay on your side...)

Christina Osheim