Stuffs for tday

I am watchinf saved by the episode 1 and just erased what I had written as it was annoyingly self righteous.

i am sitting on the couch watching Saved by the Bell at 6:20 in the evening because I selected that as the appropriate watching material. 

THEY ARE SO YOUNG! Oh my goodness. Zack was such a crush back in the day and who didnt want to be Kelly Kapowski. And now Dustin Diamond (screech) is a porn star or something. In jail? sex tspe and jail - thanks google! 

Thats maybe the point that I was trying to make so pretentiously. Im pooped. I was going to write happily, except im not. Im pooped and ok w it because I'm doing good work. 

Ive been adulting. Having chores to do each day and have been doing them. I have been adulting. Its been just me and flowets have been watered, bills have been paid, dishwasher unloaded, future plans begun, deadlines met well before its DUE NOW!!!!al AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Chicken. No head. Racing in circles. Blood spilling. 

I made signs with my sale and also handmade with all my qualifications. I read it and went "whaaaaaa?!?!??!????" That's me? and it is. Weird. It goes back to what my therapist and i have been working on. How to go forward and be proud of what I deserve to be proud of and not stop everytime i have a "wait this is fun" moment to don my hair coat and get ready for some self flagellation.  


So I am sitting watching old cheesy shows and episode 1 actually had me sitting on the edge of my couch. I also think the teacher in the pilot was in an old disney movie of some sort- the one which twins are split up? Her face and inflection make my spidey senses say shes been in some old movies (as if a ~ 40 year old show isnt old... hahahaha!) 

IM RIGHT!!! Hahahaha, according to IMDB Ms. Bliss frim Saved by the Bell is Hayley Mills star of the parent trap. Ha! Oh man. Whoda guessed?!?!? Ha! 

So anyway, i have more work to do but im getting stuff done and its going well. Or well enough. And right now well, enough, ok, im having a great time making and getting dirty is just fine. 

Hurrah for a sober life! 2 weeks til 1 year!!!!


Christina Osheim