I am a pseudo symasthete. Or a developing synasthete. It is so weird. I have been olfactory challenged for almost 15 years. But of late I have been manufacturing more smells. I have a lot of bagged candy corn and m&m’sa in my car. Fun sized. And my nose has made it so I have a cotton candy machine in my car. I smell SUGAR!!!!! I still smell sugar. 20 or 30 minutes later. But when opening and sniffing a bottle of shampoo.... Nada! I and it is just random! I will hit small anything and then poof! I smell rotting clay. Or what my brain tells me is rotting clay. My sober mind is playing tricks on me. 

Not my feet have joined the fun. Right now with weather cooling my poor neuropathic footsies feel like cool icy steel with tingles. They feel like little ice cubes. And feel steel blue. But are warm. It is such a mind trip. 

But I know that all of my synastesic effects are the result of various amounts of nerve damage. So I am a false one. Not an organic synasthete, but a “surgically enhanced” one. 

It’s strange. Happy Halloween! 

Christina Osheim