Glass half empty with a crack. Hahahahaha. *sigh*

I am often in conflict about the extent to which I share. Could doing so harm my professional career or could I burn bridges I shouldn’t. I think that is something good to always keep on the edge of my mind, a question to continually ask: am I sharing out of frustration and cattiness or am I sharing from honest observation and not a bruised ego.  

I have jokingly stated that the life as an artist/artisan is humbling. And goodness it is! I have been trying all of the ways it seems like artists make money and business relationships. And what I am finding out is that making it a young artist is like being in early recovery. You have to repavlov yourself there also! My instinct would say a big craft show with lots of vendors and press and prestige would be a home run! But in today’s economy it really isn’t. It feels like an organization that was cutting edge when it begun in the 80’s 90’s but when the tech bubble burst it seems like the US economy has been floundering and that the systems that were in place didn’t change bc they were reliable. And that is all has aged and gotten stale. 

I have really only seen a handful of people in my own demographic. And we vibed and clicked and hopefully she will contact me and begin a business relationship. She’s getting married and so it’d be sweet to be asked to design cups for a wedding! Fun! But really everyone else is middle aged to elderly. And it is dead. Crickets chirping. After the shit show called Baltimore Fine Craft I knew that this could easily be on the same plane for crickets chirping (not many visitors) but that it would be fine craft.

And that is in fact the case. The work is solid good work. A lot of it looks about 20 years out of date, but well made and ideal for the demographic that’s here: the AARP crowd.

Bedause I was prepared for this as a result I don’t feel resentful. Resigned, 100%. But resentful, no, I really don’t think so. And I am questioning whether that is honest or not and think it is. I doubt I will make rent(cost of a booth) and will be surprised if I earn studio rent and October electricity. *sigh* 

But I don’t feel like I was lied to. I felt like the Baltimore Show they sold me a product they couldn’t deliver on. This is, I feel, what was promised with the exception of I hoped for more visitors. I have taken the down “lag” time to rearrange a lot. Which may be good. But realize that I do not think ... (something, like a friend visiting and a few hours passing occurred and I am not sure exactly what I thought at that specific time)

Now, at 7:41pm 19 min until a 10 hr day is done what I think is rearranging and adjust to the clientele may make minor financial change. But the sad reality is that you cannot sell to a crowd that isn’t there. And if only 10% (generous #) of that small crowd is your demographic it is even harder. So. The good thing is- shows like this and that cost over a few hundred and cost money for the public to have access to are off this ladies radar. My guess is Brooklyn will be about the same but maybe a bit better. Maybe.  And providence and St. Paul could both be good shows. Again, time will tell. So blog buddies. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Could have been better could have been worse. But soon I get to go hang with a good friend and her 3 kiddos. FUN!!!!!

ha det bra bitches!

Christina Osheim