I just hoovered through dumplings for dinner.


Yup. I was too rude to even think about a before shot. This vacuum cleaner has been running on a jimmy dean "lite" breakfast sandwich, much coffee and a handful of m&ms until this moment. God, that sounds like the diet of a teenager. All I need is a packet of clearasil acne wipes and a trapper keeper. Although the trapper keeper reference shows my age. Hahahaha. Whoooooops.

I am sitting here for about 7 more minutes before going to a meeting. Fingers crossed the cute goth man is there. If he is I will talk to him as I am wearing my sheebe "resist" t. I WILL resist my awkwardness. Or rather EMBRACE IT!!! #awkwardisthenewcool anyway. I'm a little bombastic bc it's been a really good day. I got the commission round I needed to get done done and my shit is looking awesome. I am really talented. It is still surprising as I have never let myself really go for it before. Who knows where it'll end up!!!?!?!?????!!! But I am making good work and will keep on.


ok. 7:59. I need to get my tush up the block to ye olde church basement. I will start a decor ranking for Aa meetings. "Rustic w a touch of mallards." "John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a love in here." "The recesses here would have inspired Bach."

So peace out blog buds!

oh. I also paid my $400 craft council reservation fee. Holy moly I am going to St Paul!!!! 

Christina Osheim