by Christina Osheim

I was/am dating someone and have been for about 6 weeks maybe. And it became clear that this isn’t working for me. I don’t hate or am mad at the fellow. Just realize that he doesn’t fit what I need in a partner. 

I also realized my fabulous friend group supports me so well. And my family. I am ok being me. I am happy being me. 

i almost have my sinks set up— wooooohooo hello running water studio side. Have a slew of bats for the school and will have a padlock key lock for my students to have all hour access. 

fuxk yeah! Life can have some bumps,  but just keep doing the next right thing and it harm none.

#lovemylife #clay4life

by Christina Osheim

My day has been good but not how I expected it. 

FIRST!!!! I got my 2017 taxes done on time. Score!

and my boyfriend has had a rough day so I’ve been helping him out. Or really just being there with him.

life is funny.



by Christina Osheim

I finally separated my receipts. Taxes can get finished tomorrow or Monday. This will happen and be good. Another good day.

Ok, bedtime! Sleep tight