by Christina Osheim

I am starting to try and integrate all of my worlds. Day one is ok. Slightly surreal as I feel I’ve lived a few different lives in one day. My studio is coming together and plans to make it more functional business wise are taking hold. 

OH MAN! It is such a bizarre ride. Different hats I don here, there everywhere. 

I also realize I have to work in my patience. I need to remember it’s gods time and not my time. Or HP for those who are uncomfortable with god. 

and it’s actually not even patience it’s expextafions. What is ideal in my Head remains ideal only in my head until I share it. And until I ask what someone else’s expectation or hope is. 

ahhhh, this 35 yo lady has some growing up to do. I also have started finding silver hairs in my long mane. How funny. I’m going gray.  

Life is sure one funny strange delightful infuriating roller coaster. i am going to buckle up and channel Lucille ball as I go through this ride.



by Christina Osheim

hmmmm... today’s post is so strange to write. I have made some phenomenal progress in my studio. Shelves are beginning to clear and I am getting ready to clear them out. These shelves are turning into life savers and leaving me room to sell other shelves and craft my own studio of whatever it shall be. 

I usually have no problem visualizing things. But I keep on rehashing how everything is going to fit together.  

Changes come in threes and mine have been job, apartment & boyfriend. It is so funny how fast all of that can happen. And now my heart is finding room for a new person in it. It’s scary and exciting as this is really my first relationship. I am a novice, a neophyte. And I am finding out what my normal or what our normal is. Remembering that I/we don’t have to fit any mold but our own.

#oddnumbersrule #three



by Christina Osheim

I finally unpacked some more of my clothes and tchotchkes in my room. I am still keeping it minimalist sort of, but made a wall as a homage to my ancestors. The people I love and honor.  

That is one of the things I have noticed about this move. Everything I’ve unpacked seems like it’s honoring the past. I feel this well of joy and abundance and love from all of these items. It is almost like I am wrapped in the arms of my forebears.

This is important today as a reminder of those who came before me and those who are here now and all of the love that exists in the universe. In my universe.

i do have a big heart and welcome many into its caverns. And today I had to pause the light in one of the chambers. Let it go. Let it rest. Let it be. My brother and sister in law gave me a print that says “Let Be” with a phrase written on it. It’s beautiful and currently in a work binder. That too shall become a part of my wall.

The exciting thing with all of this is there are so many unexplored chambers of this expansive heart. I don’t know what I in my spelunking gear will uncover.

i also am back in my studio exploring that chamber— it’s a part of my heart I have neglected while getting settled into my job— there are many new pockets from the residents there settling in. 

And there’s also a pocket of this new relationship. The speed at which it has happened has scared me. Made me skittish. And so now with all of these chambers light and dark new and old it is time to be me and let go and let god. HP’s got this. Right now I am scared of success. Of something that is outside of the path I’ve expected. so I will sit back and clean and clay and wait and see what adventures come before.