by Christina Osheim

I played cards against humanity last night. I only won one round (black card) the card read “I’ve got 99 problems and _______aint one”

my winning card “the female orgasm” 


today I adulted and colored and checked things off my box. I’m pretty pumped about where the universe is planning to take me (destination unknown but 👍). 




by Christina Osheim

this baby is officially one year old! Woo hoo! I actually didn’t have confidence that I would do this once a day. Perhaps it is that blogs are no longer stylish that i have been able to. I see all of these things online “is blogging dead in 2018?” Blah blah blah. I read one (skimmed) and it was talking about blogging as a revenue stream. And that logic to me is working against the point or purity of a blog. (What the hell, I’m now getting philosophical about blogging mentality!?!? Who’d a thunk??? 🤣) to me the point of a blog was that you have some message or some content that makes a public online venue the best option. For me it was accountability. I can’t bullshit a post (or I have and it is clear I am bullshitting or forgot) and tone. I can’t (or won’t) (or won’t as often as I otherwise would) curse, rant and be self pitying. It is purely selfish in that way. And in a paradoxical way I both pretend it’s the lost corner of Antarctica or that it’s becoming a go to resource for...??? Neurotics? Artists? Nerds? Norwegians? Neurosurgeons? Alcoholics? Astrologers? Aliens? (Ets not foreigners) 

i imagine it an extreme. Hahahaha. Typical.

It’s  been a really good day. Lots was done and fun was had. I took care of a friends kid and we built a fort and he wrote a poem. (I was the scribe) 

there is a giraffe trying to eat my fort. 


my fort has swords. 

the double trouble. 

and water and goods. 


The goat has nothing. 

not even a home. 


he was slapped to the floor.

The goat couldn’t eat the swords the double trouble or the fort. 

ths end.