I am realizing how complex life really is. In so many ways it’s beautiful. It can at times be humbling as it reminds us (ME!!!) that I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should to some aspects. 

It’s good to be reminded that what makes all of this (life) work is helping others and remembering the world is a we and not an I. I’ve been reading about how we have forgotten about the common good. Self interest has taken control. There was an article I read about weaving as in weaving a community. And another article about being just good enough. That one is great for me too— I cannot be a perfectionist as that is impossible. I need to be just good enough to make my business work as a community builder. And my just good enough is pretty darn good. If I get stuck on perfection I will fail.  

Anyway. Good day. Snow day. It’s 9:53 and I really want to fire my kiln. It’s the question of if I can guilt myself into being gone for 10-30 minutes. 

ooookay, adios amigos! 


Christina Osheim

Oh my goodness! I am excited about all that is happening. Tomorrow may be a snow day!! (I say this with a 90% positive I’ll be working feeling) but it’s still fun to think of a free day. Or a different work day. 

ive been nominated as a favorite local artist by the daily progress and really am stoked. My name is getting out there and who knows?!! Perhaps it will be a blue moon and I’ll win! Wouldn’t that be something. “I’d like to thank the academy (art/cranbrook) for...” heehehe  

so silly but so awesome. but please vote for me and spread the word!! 


i worry that my stress has made me a harder person to be around. I pushed Akash away some. Just kept harping on the same old. I can accept or I can’t. I believe it will all work out as I enjoy him in my life a whole lot. Time will tell and no use worrying.  

I’m working to set no patterns. Accept the past, learn from it and then pack up those lenses and pull out new ones that may take a bit of adjustment but are ultimately a better fit.  

Okay, off to dreamland.  

oh, best part for last. I got a haircut— hair way too long. My friends 5yo twin girls did it. I braided it and one cut off the tail and the other the braid. It looks great. They had fake Christina hair mustaches for a hot second and then my hair went into the chicken hut to become beats. Hahahahaha! My favorite part of the day. 


Christina Osheim

A new ritual has begun. I now reiki myself as I get out of bed and reiki myself when I get in. I could really feel it tonight. 

reiki is love. 

that is good.  

Im getting what needs to be done done and soon will be balanced. HP is illuminating a path I can walk down and I am choosing to to take those steps. 

How beautifully wonderfully strange and paradoxical life is. 


Christina Osheim